Active dates: 01.20 through 02.18

Aquarius season starts out with Venus sextile Neptune on January 23rd which is a lovely, caring, sensual transit. It’s not specifically the distinction between lovemaking and fucking; more that you can find heightened sensitivity with your partner or your toys during both.


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full moon + sun x jupiter

The full moon in Leo hits on January 28th and that’s big, theatrical energy. It coincides with Sun conjunct Jupiter which has a glass-half-full, happiness to it. Aquarius is unconventional and Leo is all about sharing and star power; put on a show for your lover. Think strip teases and generous oral, no holds barred.


mercury retrograde

January 30th brings the first Mercury Retrograde of the year. Don’t fear it, just embrace it with introspection. Notoriously not the time for big communication or negotiations; it is a great time for self reflection, patience with yourself, and plenty of solo cumming.



On February 6th Venus is square to Uranus which is a bit of a standoff between stability and freedom. It can be relationally challenging and present as feeling smothered or bored. It’s not a great time to ask for commitment but it’s an excellent time to hunker down with your porn of choice and exercise some Aquarian-style free will in an epic masturbation session.

new moon

February 11th hosts a new moon in Aquarius and this is a wild, mind expanding energy. It’s ethereal, it’s open, it’s unconfined exploration. It’s a great night for a tea ceremony and a long, erotic, political discourse with a new crush or some preplanned group sex.

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Horoscopes by sign


Aries ♈️

Fire gets stoked by air. Try to make it a light-the-night, rather than a burn-it-all-down, energy. Your feelings for your lovers tend to burn hot and fast. You’re in control of if this expansive, airy, Aquarian time will help sustain your flame or blow it all the way out. Do: doggy style by the fire. Don’t: use boredom to justify careless behavior.


Taurus ♉️

Your bull nature can be a bit territorial and that doesn’t jive well with freewheeling Aquarius; unless you let the water bearer loosen you up. This month is an invitation to open your mind. We all know how sensual you are, Taurus, so the erotic is a natural place to tap into that expansiveness. Do: cucking with clear ground rules in advance. Don’t: hold grudges.


Gemini ♊️

Air recognizes air, Gemini. You love Aquarius season. Intellectual conversation is at a high this month. With the world in such an open minded place, try writing explicit articles about your favorite kinks or have an Instagram live sex-chat with your favorite Gemini pal. You may find that you’re even more easily distracted than usual. That’s okay though, challenge yourself to how many times you can climax in one day. Do: read the ethical slut. Don’t: talk without listening.


Cancer ♋️

First and foremost, you’re a lover. Cancerian connective energy vibes great with Aquarian community building. You’re a natural with a journal and you can get anyone to open up. It’s a great month to be at the center of a sex-positivity sharing circle. Get your friends together in a zoom room and share your sluttiest bits. Do: lavish orgasm after orgasm on your lover. Dont: forget to service yourself.


Leo ♌️

You’re a shining star, Leo. Your warmth and theatrics pair well with free spirited Aquarius season. That said, Aquarius is the weirdo of the zodiac and you’re typically concerned with appearances. This month, acknowledge your stage-presence tendencies and try to feel the give-no-fucks influence of open minded Aquarius. If you’re going to show off, let it be raw and authentic. Do: share sexy videos of yourself fucking or masturbating, sound on. Don’t: perform. Let it be natural and unapologetic.


Virgo ♍️

The feminist of the zodiac, you do well against the backdrop of humanitarian Aquarius. You’re a weirdo in a weird season. You’re also an introvert in an introverted season. Remember, though, Aquarius isn’t shy ~ they’re just absorbed in their own thoughts. Introverts can have amazing sex, too. This month, your orgasm is an act of resistance in and of itself. Treat yourself to many, many acts of resistance. Do: fuck yourself and read plenty of cliterati works. Don’t: get lost in your tower of solitude.


Libra ♎️

You little charmer, you can be a bit obsessed with being likable and Aquarius couldn’t care less. Diplomacy can get in the way of you saying the hard thing for fear of offending. Aquarius encourages you to go ahead and be real ~ you’re not just there to keep things easy and light. Luckily, your flirtatious nature is well paired with a little bit of audacity. This month, you know how cute you are and you don’t mind saying so. Do: find a new sexting buddy to get dripping wet for. Don’t: be afraid to dump an energy vampire.


Scorpio ♏️

You have the propensity for intense, macabre intellectual ponderings. The Aquarian flights of fancy can lighten you up a bit, pull you out of the underworld and up into the cosmos. When your mind is open, and your spirit is free, you have a capacity for depths that few others possess. Don’t shy away from your intensity, it’s key to your authenticity. This month let your inner goth be seduced by the extraterrestrial Aquarius vibe. Things could get pretty weird. Do: fantasy role play, pvc/vinyl, eat ass. Don’t: get caught up in doom and gloom societal fatalism.


Sagittarius ♐️

You’re a fiery little trickster with almost as little regard for how you affect people as interplanetary Aquarius; a noble characteristic in terms of authenticity and a potential harmful one interpersonally. You’d do well to be careful with how you say things, especially as Mercury retrograde comes around. Your tendency for adventure and spontaneity is well suited for expansive Aquarian times. Let yourself be wild. Do: fuck outside, in broad daylight, against a tree. Don’t: put your foot in your mouth.


Capricorn ♑️

You may tend towards rigidity but, even more so, you’re an overachiever. This month you’re being challenged to throw the rules away, open your mind to free thinking, and get weird. You’re nothing if not capable, regardless of the task. Try to be easy during the tougher transits. You have mind bending intellectual abilities and this is the time to let them shine. Sometimes, breaking the rules is just as fun as enforcing them. Do: domme play, smack your whip, role reversals. Don’t: get carried away on an intellectual prowess power trip.


Aquarius ♒️

It’s your season! The world just kind of gets your right now. Shout your humanitarian ideals from a mountain top. Invite your more rigid friends into experimental play. Aquarius tends toward the non monogamous or poly curious, let your mind go there. Lavish all of your lovers with weird, cryptic sexts. Dress up like the alien that you are and cam for a stranger. The world is your cosmic oyster. Do: get a crystal dildo and experiment with temperature play. Don’t: get stuck in your brain, reach out to other Aquarians!



You’re sensitive and romantic, your shadow side is a bit codependent which can present as excessive caretaking for your partners. Aquarius is independent to a fault. This can be an empowering time for you to revel in doing your own thing and prioritizing your own wellbeing. You’re the artist of the zodiac, and so you love a weird sun sign season. Get really out there. It’s a great month for absurdist, erotic art of all mediums. This month your emotional burden feels a little bit lighter, and that’s a glorious thing. Do: weird lighting, atmospheric music, DIY mini-porn creation on your iphone. Don’t: forget to eat, hydrate, and take care of yourself in general.




Meet the author...

Meet the author...

Lily Kardon is a beauty editor and content strategist. Her first loves, however, are writing and all things esoteric. You can find her at @lilykcontent