welcome to the glow!

we’re a community and free resource for the curious to explore sexual health and wellness

let’s talk about sex

hi there 👋 welcome to the glow.

if you’re someone who has been looking for a safe space to learn more and be confident about your sexuality and sexual health, welcome to the glow. we are a creative team of women who welcome just about anyone seeking a space to feel seen and supported in this journey.

the pursuit of sexual wellness can be scary, bumpy, & even shameful at times. we have been raised in a system that has told us to hide the intense pleasures of life so as to make others feel comfy. let’s throw out the “normalized” sexual scripts and create our own.

a little bit about us…

who are we?

the glow is a comfortable place to talk and learn more about sex. we feature everything you need to discover your sexual journey. for now, this looks like an article driven newsletter that will hit your inbox monthly.

why talk about sex?

we don’t have to be ashamed. we all have it! sex is part of the foundation of building human connection. when we don’t talk about it, it creates a spectrum of misrepresentation of what sex and relationships really mean. so let’s give life, and a voice, to our thoughts. we want to open up the conversation to melt away the ‘hush hush tones’ and help society look at it as a natural part of our everyday dialogue. by clearing the air, we all get a chance to be more connected, fulfilled and happier.

why the glow?

the glow is a space where we are opening up the discussion on how we can normalize such a beautiful experience! we aim to change the way society views sexuality, and to give it the full undivided attention it deserves. we’re creating conversation around sex starting with empowering women, experts, and creators alike to create space for YES in their own lives.

our promise…

our mission is to help YOU become an expert in your own body because, frankly, there isn’t a safe space in the digital or physical world for all of us to do that. plus, we make it fun.


create space for YES