Fight, flight and collapse. Your nervous system is most likely moving between these states constantly. It’s what feels natural in all of us, but should it? Let’s ask ourselves this question: what would it be like to feel safe? Safe in your environment, safe in your own skin, safe in your thoughts. 

What would it feel like to feel safe enough to relax into your pleasure?

My tantra and ayurveda teacher Katie Silcox says, “if there isn’t a tiger chasing you through the room, you’re safe enough in this moment to practice body yantra meditations.” Katie teaches body yantra exercises in our Shakti School Ayurveda Health Counselor training, weaving a network of women who are ready to bring the chill (AKA parasympathetic release) to all of us. I will be pulling from this powerful body yantra technique today to help guide you to relax into your own pleasure.


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Finding Your Calm 

The simple 5-minute meditation for female pleasure that I have outlined below is a tool to activate a parasympathetic nervous system response.

parasympathetic nervous system |noun|

the parasympathetic nervous system functions to restore the body to a composed and calm state.

By allowing yourself (both in body and mind) to feel safe, you’re then able to escape the exhausting cycle of flight, flight, and collapse. Plus, one of the important functions of the parasympathetic nervous system is to stimulate sexual arousal! 

I want all of that juicy information to sink in. By simply allowing yourself to observe and feel that you’re safe in this present moment, you’re opening up a much-needed gateway. So, go ahead and get tight with your nervous system as a step on your journey to relax into your sexual pleasure.

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A 5 Minute Meditation for Female Pleasure

by Jacky Bereznyak

Pssst audio version available here in case you prefer to give it a listen. If not, I suggest reading through the meditation 1-2 times prior to closing your eyes and going through the steps. 

Sit down in a comfortable position with your spine straight. You can be on a chair, on the floor, or even leaning against something to prop your back up.

Close eyes and feel your awareness drawing into your collar bones. 

With eyes closed place your right and left hands on your respective collar bones.

Feel contact with the mother that is your body. Feel your bones

Feel contact with your collar bones which are often associated with our connection to both our sense of security and safety when we are a child, and our sense of nurturing and giving. 

Keeping your right hand on your right collar bone, bring your left hand to your right jaw bone

Give your body the information: here is my right collar bone, and here is my right jaw bone.

Draw an imaginary line from your right jaw bone to your right collar bone. 

Feel free to lower your hands once you have a solid awareness of where these two bones are in space.

When your body knows where it is in space — once your body begins to find its bones — it will begin to relax and will be at ease.

Maintain your focus on your right jaw bone, right collar bone and the imaginary line running between them for 90 seconds.

Then, bring your left hand to your left collar bone and your right hand to your left jaw bone.

Draw an imaginary line between your left collar bone and your left jaw bone. Keeping your attention here tracing this imaginary line for 90 seconds.

You don’t have to alter the breath or force your body to shift, your breath and body will make subtle micro-shifts and realignments based on the information you are providing them. 

Gently, gently begin to come back and open your eyes.

Notice. Where do you feel ease in your being? Continue to relax into this pleasure.

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Set aside 5 minutes each day this week to do this body yantra meditation for female pleasure. You can also use this powerful tool whenever you feel like you are heading into a pattern of fight, flight, or collapse to gently remind yourself that you’re safe to relax into your pleasure in the present moment. 

Meet the author...

Meet the author...

Driven by human experience, Jacky Bereznyak is a holistic business coach who empowers clients to live their most vital and purpose-driven life. Bringing 7+ years of experience forging corporate partnerships and leading business development strategies from the ground up; Jacky has created hundreds of brand campaigns and generated millions of dollars in revenue for wellness companies. Learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation at www.fallentriangle.com.