Active dates: 12.21 through 01.19

Capricorn is bossy top-energy with a flare for success, achievement, and being right. This season starts off with a bang on the 21st with the Great Conjunction in which Jupiter and Saturn will appear like one bright star in the sign of Aquarius. This marks a collective shift toward invention and expansion. It jumpstarts a mind-opening era but can feel jarring. 


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full moon

Big full moon energy in Cancer hits on December 29. This is a super sensitive transit; allow yourself to be emo. Be kind to yourself and cleanse your sex toys (along with crystals) in the full moon’s light on your windowsill. Don’t text your ex. The full moon is immediately followed by Venus square Neptune on the 30th. This square can present as low self esteem and romantic insecurity; self pleasure is an antidote to both. Consider getting off to some otherworldly or fantasy porn at this time to catapult yourself out of the humdrum.


venus & mars

On January 9th, Venus forms a gorgeous trine to Mars. Mars is fucking, Venus is romance. Put some energy toward sexy time that centers love; whether it’s self appreciative love or shared love with another.


new moon

The New Moon on January 13th is in Capricorn and it’s an excellent time to top or be topped. Capricorn is the goat and needs to ascend to the highest peak of the mountain. Use this energy to fuel confidence, conquest, and a take charge attitude. Venus forms a lovely trine to Uranus on the 14th. It’s a really experimental transit and it’s particularly potent for sexual experimentation. If you have a play partner this a great day to ask about their taboo fantasies and share your own.

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Now for your ‘scopes. This month is all about topping, being topped, and fantasizing about power dynamics. On the hunt for a new conquest to play with (remotely)? The internet has never been so rife with willing strangers, and that’s saying something. Are you looking to take your conquests to the virtual sphere? Put Facetime to work this month. Remember to check your Venus and mars, too. There’s so much more to you than just your sun sign.


 Horoscopes by sign


Aries ♈️

Remember, the ram and the goat both have horns. Try not to get yours tangled in unnecessary drama, you may find yourself stuck. Channel your ram energy in the bedroom. Have you tried pegging? If your partners are into it, give it a go. Be sure to use plenty of lube and start super slow. Not quite there yet? Lubed up fingers make excellent anal training devices. If you’re fucking-in-place send some (consensual) sexts about all the ways you’d like to top them; maybe some detailed instructions on the ways you’d like them to play with their ass. Not into butt stuff? Aries, you can find a million other ways to be ass-ertive. It’s kind of your superpower.


Taurus ♉️

Another horned beast, but you’re a sensual, domestic one. You rule the roost. You vibe well with the earthly-delights-energy of resourceful Capricorn time. Dominate from there. This month you choose the toys, the candles, the playlist; and you’re not asking for anyone’s feedback (so long as that’s been agreed to). Taurus rules the throat, neck, and vocal tract. Use your voice to harness this dom power: tell your partners how to you want to fuck or be fucked especially when you’re not in the midst of a sex act. An unprompted fantasy disclosure over typically-mundane morning coffee, for example. Sit on their face, it’s a lovely view from up top. And remember, you don’t need an in person partner to explore your fantasies. 


Gemini ♊️

This is a fun time for you, Gemini. But, then, when isn’t it? Harness your duality energy. Be the good cop and the bad cop. Gemini rules the hands and lungs which sounds like a perfect recipe for bondage play. Always use soft, gentle ropes to start. A necktie has a forgiving texture and resonates nicely with Capricorn’s office energy. Start with a loose tie. You don’t need to tie to anything, the restricted movement is hot on its own. You can loop your hands around your partner’s neck while they lick or suck your genitals. If you’re playing alone, describe it exactly as you’d want it to a partner or in your own mind.


Cancer ♋️

Sweet, crab. Your slice of the sky is exactly opposite Capricorn. This is a dynamic time for you. Your nurturing, heartfelt energy radiates out. Tenderness is a key characteristic to good power play. Just because you’re soft, doesn’t mean you don’t like to get kinky. Cancer rules the chest and breasts. Nipple clamps or human fingers squeezing the nipples can increase pleasure while you’re fucking or masturbating. You can start on yourself to control pressure or instruct a trusted partner; it can feel incredible to play with giving up control like that. You can instruct them to keep going with the word “green,” stay at the current pressure with the word “yellow,” or stop and let go immediately with the word “red.” Nipple play can go both ways, ask your partner what they like.


Leo ♌️

Leo, you passionate little lion, are you down with hair pulling? It’s a good time to try. Make sure to put your hand flat against your scalp (or your lovers) and make a fist from there. Pull their head back, purr in their ear, lick their neck. Capricorn season is all about the finer things and you couldn’t be more aligned. Put on some sparkly jewels and that cocktail dress that’s been collecting dust in your closet, sans panties. Crawl onto your lover’s lap or Facetime them and show off your nether-mane (yes that’s a cute Leo-specific nickname for your pubic hair). Hike that fancy dress up just above your ass and smack it for them or let them do it themself.


Virgo ♍️

Virgo, you’re slutty in an intuitive, fastidious little way. Earthy Capricorn energy works for you. You know what they say, “the devil’s in the details.” This is an excellent time to craft detailed, erotic fantasies. Type them out. Get yourself wet thinking about all the things you’d like to do and then use those precise hands to bring yourself to climax. For partner play harness your innate, detail oriented energy toward intuitive topping with a little bit of teasing. You know what they want, make them beg for it. Send a text letting them know you’re thinking about them and it’s NSFW. If they want to know more they’re going to have to ask. 


Libra ♎️

God, you’re so flirty! But you know that. You’re also low-key bossy as hell. You always know the correct plan, especially for social adventures and, of course, sex play. This month, everybody better listen. Libra rules the skin and the butt. So, yes, it’s spanking season for sure. Sure, it’s fun to get spanked here and there while you’re fucking but, remember, spanking is its own sex act, too. If you’re playing with a partner, use the flat side of a wooden hairbrush, or a hand. Find the level of impact you like and stay there, just spanking and breaking as needed, for as long as you enjoy it. As always, if you’re not playing in person texting the details of your fantasy proves to be just as stimulating.  Pro-tip:  You can dust a little cornstarch on the area that will be spanked before and during your spanking for a break.


Scorpio ♏️

Sexy scorpio, Capricorn season is well suited for your inclination toward head games and strategy. Remember, behaviors that might be toxic in your day to day life can be refined with communication and consent to create erotic dynamics in your fantasy realm. Harness your macabre energies toward punishment fantasies. Scorpion bites can sting; consider a many-tailed leather slapper for play. Experiment with gently biting your own upper arm, your lover’s inner thigh, tell them what combination of pain play turns you on to think about and make them watch while you fuck yourself to completion.


Sagittarius ♐️

The adventurous archer, mounted on their horse, bow over their shoulder. Sag, this month invest in some leather. Shop for an artisan leatherworker~, the humanitarian and intellectual in you loves to support the arts. Try a torso harness, chest harness, or hip harness. Saddle up to experiment with feelings of light bondage. A bulldog harness featuring a strap across the chest is a nice way to ease into breath play by breathing into the restriction of the harness. Rock a cute leather hip harness in an anti-chastity belt way. Weekly grocery trip? Put your harness on beneath your sweats and let your partners know it’s there. Take a butt-in-leather selfie in the car and send it to those thirsty little fucks. You’re the most adventurous sign of the zodiac. Keeping you on your toes is tough but you’re up for the challenge.   


Capricorn ♑️

This is your season. It’s fresh, it’s productive, it’s new, and successful. Put on your skirt suit and tell your partner to get under your desk and give you head while you climax thinking about all the important work you do. Be a birthday brat. Do: celebrate your own victories. Don’t: humble brag.  Capricorn, you love to acquire the finest things. Buy yourself that ridiculous fancy sex toy you’ve been eyeing. Wear your new hand-embroidered lingerie. Make decadent meals all month and consider generously sharing some decision-making moments with your partners. Be especially present with yourself on the new and full moons. Video tape yourself climaxing; it’s its own sex act and it’s hot as hell for a birthday babe. 


Aquarius ♒️

You’re a big, expansive thinker. You’re community minded and sometimes that reads as checked out in one-on-one scenarios. You’re also capable of the most fantastic fantasies of any sign. You can be easily bored, but you know that. During big, bossy Capricorn season it’s a fun time to imagine power-play dynamics in some of the mythical fantasy realms you’re drawn to. Are you more Elven or Wizard-like? Maybe you’re a satyr, like Pan. Either way; lose yourself in LOTR style fantasies about the accumulation of gold, the ruling of an empire, and the slutty, dripping wet orgasm you’d have there. Aquarius rules the ankles so consider some gentle ankle bondage; excellent with a partner or solo. For a light version, let your panties drop to your ankles and keep them there while you fuck or masturbate.  



Sensitive, artistic Pisces, you are creative and deeply feeling. Your watery nature makes you an exquisite lover who thrives on alone time. Bust out your paints and take a time lapse video of yourself painting in the nude, tease your lover or lovers-to-be with it. Tell them you’ll sit on their face but they’ll have to beg for it. Shoot an artistic, experimental, solo masturbation porn on your iPhone, lay some haunting tracks over it. Sometimes, being in charge just looks like doing what comes most naturally to you. Prioritize creative time and, when you’re up for it, make it as sexual as possible. Fuck yourself with your favorite vibrator until you squirt and take a picture of the puddle, use it for collage.




Meet the author...

Meet the author...

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