Active dates: 10.22 through 11.22

Welcome to Scorpio season, the month of erotic depths. Scorpio is all about transformation and passion. Scorpio isn’t afraid of the dark, and doesn’t shy away from kink. As we move into Sun-in-Scorpio season in the midst of multiple planetary retrogrades the cosmos invite us to look inward toward our own alluring, perhaps unexplored, shadows. You may discover deep wells of intuition and fantasy. Leverage these energies towards pleasure.


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Scorpio season kicks off amidst Mars retrograde in Aries (until November 13th) and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio (until November 3rd). As with most retrogrades this time is well-starred for reflective inner-work, and Scorpio’s inner landscape is deep, complex, and sensual. It’s a good time to flirt heavily with any taboos that intrigue you. The name of the game is self-pleasure; listen to yourself as you would your most precious lover. 

Of course, Scorpio loves partner play, too. So, if you’re currently engaging with lovers outside yourself, whether it’s in person, facetime, or the sext realm, center your pleasure and your fantasies this month. It’s a good time to consider sharing those taboos you’ve been flirting with.


full moon

The full moon in Taurus on Halloween is an excellent opportunity to cleanse and charge your sex toys in the moon’s glow. Place them on a windowsill and let the moon work its magic. This moment is also ideal for exhibitionism fantasies (being watched through the window, getting caught in public, exposed partner play in nature, etc) and costume play.


new moon

The Scorpio new moon on November 15th is a fruitful time for erotic journaling, ritualistic self pleasure, and clearly naming pleasure intentions.

Your horoscopes below are sign-specific invitations to discover the unique qualities of your own erotic depths. Try incorporating the affirmations into self play rituals or meditation practices. Make sure to check your Sun (identity), Mars (passion), and Venus (love). 

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Horoscopes by sign


Aries ♈️

Fiery Aries, your passion and spontaneity are pleasure super-powers. Make friends with the thin line between aggression and sensual exploration. This month, explore that edge deep within and let your fantasies burn wild. 

Affirmation: “My erotic depths are fiery, my flames flicker wherever I direct them.”


Taurus ♉️

Sensual Taurus, when you like something, you love it. Don’t get it wrong, repetition and routine can be sexy af. This month; deepen into your go-to self pleasure routine. What new depths lie there?

Affirmation: “My erotic depths are sensual and consistent, my stamina contains unexplored multitudes.”


Gemini ♊️

Flirtatious, creative Gemini, you are a charmer. You have fun in power play and your switch-y energy keeps things interesting. Whatever pleasure-adventures are waiting for you in your depths, you’ll have fun discovering (and perhaps articulating) them. 

Affirmation: “My erotic depths are creative, intelligent, and mischievous. My inner pleasure-realm is the hottest place in town.” 


Cancer ♋️

Emo, sensitive Cancer, you are a lover before anything else. You are watery, velvet, and intuitive. Treat your own pleasure with the sensitivity you show others and your unabashed enjoyment of solo-sex will reach astounding heights.

Affirmation: My erotic depths are sensitive and intuitive, I am self-love. Pleasure follows me wherever I go.”  


Leo ♌️

Bright, golden Leo, your charisma and beauty steal the show. You are the lion and you love the hunt. This month, be the subject of your own chase. Flirt with yourself, adore yourself, and try edging in self-play if you don’t already. 

Affirmation:My erotic depths are bright and captivating. I find my own pleasure-centric validation deep within.


Virgo ♍️

Contemplative, astute Virgo, you are an alone-time genius. Your meticulous nature makes you an observant, responsive lover. Follow your psychic-levels of intuition to discover unparalleled self-play. 

Affirmation: “My erotic depths are as intuitive and artistic as the spider’s web. In surrender to my own knowing, I find unprecedented pleasure.”  


Libra ♎️

Sociable, easy-going Libra, you are charming and kind. You are a lover and thrive on connection. Spend this month giving yourself the sweet, flirtatious energy you radiate and your alone time will be spent in good company.

Affirmation: “My erotic depths allow me to be sensitive to my own sexual needs, when I charm and tend to myself, I am never alone.” 


Scorpio ♏️

Passionate, deep Scorpio, you are complex, enigmatic. Sexual connection is important to you and you love a little power-play. This is your season, what undiscovered kinks are waiting in your shadows?

Affirmation: “My erotic depths are the deepest there are. When I travel to my own underworld, anything is possible in the realm of pleasure.”   


Sagittarius ♐️

Exciting, adventurous Sagittarius, you’re a lot of fun. Don’t hold back! You might like to play with the fantasy of getting caught or getting-it-on in spontaneous locales. Your on-the-run energy leads you to erotic adventures, go on, get lost!

Affirmation: “My erotic depths are adventurous and spontaneous, when I don’t hold back, great pleasure follows.” 


Capricorn ♑️

Discerning, clear-minded Capricorn, people may mistake your energy for detached but you know that you’re actually quite present and love being in control. Kink may come naturally to you, go ahead, explore what that means. 

Affirmation: “My erotic depths are intelligent and no-nonsense. I call the shots, whether in control or surrender. My self-play is polished and bossy.” 


Aquarius ♒️

Aloof, curious Aquarius, you thrive where you can play. Your open-mindedness is a superpower; especially when you leverage it in self-play. Go head, let yourself be really out there. 

Affirmation: “My erotic depths defy tradition. I am a free-spirit and my self-pleasure reflects that.” 


Sensitive, romantic Pisces, you are affection embodied. Your devotional, artistic nature rules you and you are a cosmic force in self-pleasure. Your creative energy unlocks realms few others know how to traverse.

Affirmation: “My erotic depths are a work of art. I am fluid, original, sensitive. When I turn on to pleasure, beauty is all around me.”




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Meet the author...

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