Active dates: 11.22 through 12.21

This month’s themes are adventure and transformation. As the last sign of the fall, Sagittarius marks the transition to winter. This year the month is stacked with transformative transits, as well. (More on that below) Buckle in for the ride!

Sagittarius is adventurous, open-minded, and clever. Sagittarius is the archer; so this is a time of journey, precision, and spontaneity. This season likes to keep you on your toes. If you enjoy a game of cat-and-mouse you’ll thrive in this fiery, unpredictable energy. 

Try leaning into this energy in your sexual life by experimenting with blindfold play, power dynamics, and adventure fantasies. Sagittarius can bore easily, it’s a good time to keep yourself engaged with plenty of variety in your self pleasure rituals. 


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Featured Transits


The cosmos are intense this month. Remember not to abandon yourself. Try to center deep, and open up to inner self-listening. You may surprise yourself. Leverage the intensity to conjure spontaneous, envelope-pushing fantasies.

full moon lunar eclipse

The full Beaver moon on November 30th occurs with a lunar eclipse in Gemini. Eclipses have a wake-you-up, reckoning energy. It’s not the best day for direct action or casting spells but a really great day to accept whatever download you’re receiving. If you’re engaging in self play today, focus on nurturing and loving yourself, whatever that means to you. This full moon may be more irritating than typical so arm yourself with the soothing energies of lavender, amethyst, and self-massage. Crystal wands are excellent sex toys for play on big-energy days.


new moon solar eclipse

The new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius comes on December 14th. Stay alert to your shadow side and take it easy. This transit brings with it more transformative energy and can highlight ends and beginnings. Make friends with the darkness, light a few candles and gently trace your fingertips all over your body (if you enjoy that type of touch). Go ahead and see where that takes you.


winter solstice great conjunction

This is a big one! Hitting on the last day of Sagittarius season, the Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This day is all about the hearth and light in the darkness. Stoke the fireplace, light the candles, and plug in the fairy lights. Thank the darkness for holding the twinkle. Take Sagittarius out with a bang, think sheepskin rugs in front of the fire. No fireplace? Try a massage candle to experiment with temperature play and honoring the fire element.

The Great Conjunction marks a two hundred year shift from earth energy (material, industry) to air energy (transformation, enlightenment). This shift is a much needed cause for celebration. After your fire element ceremony, whether it’s sensual time in front of the hearth or by the light of a candle, throw your window open and feel the fresh, cool wind on your face. 

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Horoscopes by sign


Aries ♈️

Your fiery, high vibes enjoy a good time. Let yourself engage in fun from a distance this month. 

Affirmation: “My fire, hustle, and positivity support transformative erotic adventures.”


Taurus ♉️

You do cozy so well. Be extravagant with the earthly delights you bring into your home this month.

Affirmation: “My indulgence, sensuality, and passion support transformative erotic adventures.”


Gemini ♊️

You’re so fun and smart, keep play alive with a sexy card game over zoom or in person with your lockdown lover.

Affirmation: “My creativity, magnetism, and curiosity support transformative erotic adventures.” 


Cancer ♋️

Deep caring comes so naturally to you; check in with your own intimacy needs this month.

Affirmation: “My sensitivity, presence, and care support transformative erotic adventures.”  


Leo ♌️

You are a bright, shining presence. Feel your own glow and share it (in person or through a screen) in the loving way that only you can.

Affirmation: My charisma, confidence, and generosity support transformative erotic adventures.


Virgo ♍️

You are smart and intentional, organize your space to feel like a temple before your next self-pleasure session.

Affirmation: “My intellect, precision, and intuition support transformative erotic adventures.”  


Libra ♎️

You’re a charmer and a leader. Take the reigns setting up together-apart watch parties; erotic or ordinary.

Affirmation: My charm, balance, and joy support transformative erotic adventures.” 


Scorpio ♏️

Your hedonistic nature propels scintillating encounters; consider executing a social distance bacchanal or reading slutty poetry aloud over the phone.

Affirmation: “My depth, passion, and innate eroticism support transformative erotic adventures.”   


Sagittarius ♐️

You are the energy of adventure, celebrate yourself this month and let yourself be as bossy as you like.

Affirmation: “My excitement, spontaneity, and instinct support transformative erotic adventures.” 


Capricorn ♑️

You’re always in charge, whether everyone else knows it or not, play with surrendering that a bit or making a big show of it. Fireside domme fantasies are encouraged.

Affirmation: “My elusiveness, power, and earnestness support transformative erotic adventures.” 


Aquarius ♒️

You are a celestial being, play with the feeling of cosmic connections to the moon, the stars, and the sky.

Affirmation: “My versatility, originality, and playfulness support transformative erotic adventures.” 


You are so intuitive and creative. This month, let pleasure be an art and sensuality be an exercise. Shower yourself with love in the dark.

Affirmation: “My intuition, romanticism, and sensitivity support transformative erotic adventures.”




Meet the author...

Meet the author...

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