When was the last time you thought about what makes you tick? When did you last sit with pleasure honestly and in real-time? Have you ever truly pledged to do more of what brings you pleasure… what turns you on even?

Despite it being the 21st century, our pleasure as women is still tinged with shame, spoken about in hushed tones and hidden away to make way for others (read: men’s). Yet, it’s increasingly important that women feel able to talk about what turns them on and what they find joy in, particularly in (and out of) the bedroom. For a better sex life, for better mental health, and for happier healthier lives. We’re here to start the conversation with both a pledge and a 5-minute journal for better sex – and we hope you’ll join in.


The #PleasurePledge

If you’re struggling with answers, we’re here to help make things simpler for you. our #PleasurePledge is the ideal opportunity for you to get out of your head and think outside the box about what turns you on and pleases you most, sexually.


The #PleasurePledge includes a selection of video interviews with some of our sex positive pals who’ll share unabashed, mouth-watering real-life stories about their pleasure experiences. The very first prompt is simple: we’re asking them (and you) to take a minute to pledge to do more of what brings them pleasure and turns them on.


afterglow’s 5-Minute Journal Series

You can (and should) begin offline. The #PleasurePledge is also the very first prompt in our 5-Minute Journals For Better Sex – an initiative aimed at getting you offline, away from internet distractions, and thinking in real-time about what turns you on. We want to encourage mindfulness and positive thinking when it comes to your pleasure, which are just easier to achieve without constant updates and breaking news. Take some time to yourself, consider your turn-ons and engage with them.


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Your 5-minute journal on ‘what brings you pleasure’ might look a little like this…


Example 1 

My DMs are always open. My WhatsApp is ready to be filled. What brings me pleasure is a cheeky sexting session with my partner. When we’re apart, it’s the perfect way to stay on each other’s minds and to guarantee fireworks when we next see each other.

Example 2

What turns me on? Kisses on the neck. Not only is it an area packed with some serious nerve endings, it’s also a super intimate thing to do. You’re letting your partner in, submitting, and showing vulnerability. Tick, tick, tick.

Example 3

What brings me pleasure and majorly turns me on is watching my man cook. Seeing him spend time on something nourishing gets all my juices flowing – there’s nothing sexier than a caring partner. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to a girl’s bedroom is through hers.


If this sounds right up your alley, we encourage you to take five minutes to pen your own journal entry! Looking for a bit of inspiration? Follow our on IG to get some ideas to add to your pleasure repertoire.





Meet the author...

Meet the author...

Despite being a writer, Kirstyn Smith still isn’t very good at amusing bios. She works freelance as an editor + writer, and she’s also founder of Marbles – an independent magazine that explores mental illness with irreverence, rawness and humour. In her free time, she likes to nap, eat chips, run and consume all things spooky. But mainly the chips thing.